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... where I am thrilled to share my love of language. Growing up in a large family of readers and writers, all my life I’ve loved words – spoken, sung, written, read. How they sound, look, fit together. How they give shape to ideas, carve meaning into our doubts, fears, dreams, triumphs, as whittling brings forth images from a block of wood.

single-layer-playpageI’m passionate, too, about people and places. As a veteran traveler my belief that inquisitive children become appreciative, respectful stewards of our planet is an underlying goal of this book. It is also a product of my love of rhyme plus an affinity for the thousands of children who will be guests in St. Augustine, now and in years to come.

In 2015, the city celebrated its 450 years of rich historical and cultural heritage, a legacy which will continue to be experienced and appreciated by future generations. St. Augustine A to Z is a keepsake for all ages to enjoy. Hopefully it will inspire further adventure and discovery about America's Oldest City, and about learning itself. Please enjoy the book and the kid’s fun you’ll find by clicking the Play Page tab. Thank you for visiting!

Susan Shipe Calfee

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