Susan S. Calfee

calfee-headshot-enhanced2“I love sketty cant wayt till its retty” was my first published “poem” in second grade.  I was hooked, and have been scribbling ever since.  Rhyme is sublime, but only one of the many delicious forms words can take.  In middle school I was a roving reporter; in high school, the yearbook editor and author/composer/director of a smash musical featuring, with rave reviews, our football players as choristers. A Maryland native, I graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Speech Communications and wrote for many publications, plus the pure pleasure of the act.

 My prose and poetry have appeared in print magazines, newspapers and online. I am happy to be editing still and producing feature articles. A new opportunity to teach a class on technique must-haves is a dream come true.  "All ‘Bout Craft" highlights the basics along with self-editing skills to help authors of all levels not only become better writers, but to understand what works, and how to improve what doesn’t.

Meanwhile I continue to study in workshops which meet on a “Shantyboat” docked on Jacksonville’s beautiful Trout River. I’m lucky to have talented writer and poet friends, many of whom helped tirelessly with this book, over and over again.  We maintain a vibrant poetry workshop also, and recently celebrated our 15th year together.


About Wordwhittler Books

WHITTLE-LOGO 4 LIZWordwhittler Books was inspired by the creative act it symbolizes. Words give shape to our ideas, carve meaning out of triumph and tragedy, connect us to the world and each other. As whittling brings forth an image from a block of wood, words are the tools we use to express our humanity. So try and try, work and work, whittle and whittle, and once in a while you’ll get it just right!


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